About Company...

Our company has been existed since 1997. We specialize in designing of building structures in wide range starting from single-family housing through multifamily housing, public buildings, sacral buildings and industial building at the end. A few great designers cooperate with our company. Since March 2007 we have a new location for our office on Dąbrowskiego 42 street in Wrocław. Our team consists of four people employed on a contract of labour and depending on the needs a few office workers employed on an order contracts. We do projects using Autodesk company's programms like Robot, Advance Steel, Revit and AutoCAD.

About me...

My name is Jarosław Skolasiński. I graduated the University of Technology in Wrocław in 1985 getting master's degree in civil engineering. I started working in my profession in the Agricultural Building Company in Łowicz as a foreman assistant and than getting a promotion to foreman. Next period in my career was employment in:

  • Warsaw company MOSTOSTAL as an older assistent,
  • Design Office in Oberhausen in Germany,
  • Warsaw company CHEMADEX as a construction designer,
  • Wroclaw company POLTEGOR.

In 1997 I founded the company presented here and named BIURO INŻYNIERSKIE Jarosław Skolasiński.